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Aggelos Stam26/05/2022
Konstantinos Mpatsakis25/05/2022
Very nice brunch place. I had an avocado burger with 2 poached eggs and my boyfriend had eggs with bacon. The frappe was very tasty. Friendly service who did their best to accommodate us and were great with the 1 year old kid that was with us.Olimpiada Vidrascu23/05/2022
Εξαιρετική κουζίνα (Translated by Google) Excellent cuisineKostas Fotarakis22/05/2022
Pazar günü olmasına rağmen şehrin en canlı mekanlarından biri. Yerel halk özellikle gençler sıkı müşterileri. Kahvaltı menüsü de ikna edici.Emre Arslan22/05/2022
Πολύ ωραίο περιβάλλον στον εξωτερικό χώρο. Η εξυπηρέτηση πολύ γρήγορη ,ευγενικοι όλοι όσοι είχαν σχέση με το service και ο καφές εξαιρετικός.Hara Mike22/05/2022
Το πληρέστερο στέκι της πόλης. Κάθε ηλικίας. Κάθε διάθεσης. Κάθε ώρας. Έχω την πεποίθηση πως ο Τσαλαπετεινός είναι η αρχή μιας νέας εποχής στη διασκέδαση των ανθρώπων. (Translated by Google) The most complete hangout in town. Every age. Every mood. Every hour. I am convinced that Tsalapetinos is the beginning of a new era in human entertainment.Antonios Madem20/05/2022
Ωραίο μέρος με φοιτητοκοσμο...Charis Pantidis16/05/2022
Chronis S15/05/2022

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  •   We enjoyed some great dishes: some of them old and some of them new. My favourite is burger always made off the best beef meat. The shrimps served in pasta was also excellent. Great service. Great place.

    thumb Evgenia365
  •   Love this place ! Keep on coming back again and again. Perfect setting all year round, personally prefer inside! Every season new dishes, wonderful combinations, specially for wine lovers! Decent service, comforting smiles, lovely people. You can find regulars at all ages. Usually crowded, even...More

    thumb walking-around123
  •   This is by far the best place in the city: food from morning till late in the evening, coffees, drinks etc. Great quality, huge variety, great service, friendly environment. This is the city's hotspot.

    thumb Evgenia365
  •   It’s a really good place. The food was outstanding, especially the burger. It’s very nicely located, right by the port, very pretty. Definitely worth checking it out.

    thumb misiv_72
  •   We went there for a drink, the beer list contains some Greek beers 😉 So it started very well and ... we wanted to have something to eat / share. We ordered the cheese / cured meat board and ... it was super yummy. The...More

    thumb Am_et_Mat