Tsalapeteinos – Urban Farm

Our desire for Tsalapeteinos is to be a perfect blend of different genres to cater to everyone. We deliver that special feeling of home-comforts with high quality standards in everything we do. You will find just what you are looking for whether in our coffee shop, restaurant and bar, or on our artistic stage. Urban social activities also take place here. We call this project ‘Urban Farm’.

Bird’s birth

Tsalapeteinos is a colourful bird found across Africa, Asia, and Europe, notable for their distinctive “crown” of feathers (wiki). The concept was birthed early one morning in the summer of 2014, and came to life on the 10th December of the same year. We chose to name it ‘Tsalapeteinos’ (latin: upopa epops, english: hoopoe) because acoustically this word, and visually this bird, brought a touch of comfort to us.

why here?


It was an easy decision for us to build the project here. In the centre of Kavala, surrounded by the coolness of trees and the calm waters of the sea is a well-loved building over a century old. Full of history, this building has been an ottoman bank (1910), post office (1920), warehouse (1930), World War 2 central building (1940), food market (1970) and a sea shipping agency (1980). ‘What a treasure!

What’s it all about?

One project with three strands

The bar offers a wide range of products including the freshness of the third coffee movement, selected labels of draft beers, signature seasonal cocktails and rare single malts. We update the bar menu up to 3 times a year. The building boasts an ideal cellar in which our team is trained to expertly disturb the aged wines that we have in collection.

Tsalapeteinos our Philosophy
Tsalapeteinos urban farm
Tsalapeteinos urban farm

Our chefs in the kitchen lab are responsible for creating the menu from brunch to dinner. They are all extremely passionate about what they do, they meet daily to discuss ideas and ensure that they highlight quality, seasonal availability and locality within their courses. The menu changes up to 4 times a year. The trusted magazine ‘Athinorama’ awarded Tsalapeteinos as being the best food destination in Kavala and also one of the Top 10 bar restaurants in Greece.

Last but not least is the culture and events that are showcased at Tsalapeteinos. On our stage you will find live bands, theatre productions, art exhibitions, photography galleries and much more.


Cabin crew

We are a team of about forty ladies & gents.

We are all dressed in black.